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Artisan Bread Recipes

Artisan Breads are hand-crafted, hearth-baked loaves. The secret to making these beautiful rustic breads is using very wet dough.

Tartine Country Bread

The bread in the photo is Tartine Country Bread.

According to French law, true French bread may contain only the basic four ingredients and sometimes small amounts of rye flour or ascorbic acid. Contemporary French artisan bakers create many variations on the basic-four theme by using artful shapes, color, hue, crumb density, texture, and varying degrees of sourness.




Italian bakers also adhere to the basic-four rule but work with a stickier dough that contains more water. Due to the flour-to-water ratio, Italian bread is much flatter than the French version and has a moister texture and a crumb with large, irregularly shaped holes. The crust is chewy yet soft, particularly when it is brushed with olive oil.

Some artisan bread recipes to help you make beautiful loaves

Try some of these artisan bread recipes or feel free to share a recipe.

Artisan Bread in Five Master Loaf

Artisan Loaf (Boule)

Free form round loaf (boulde) adapted from the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes master formula.

Sourdough Bagels Bagels - Sourdough These bagels are made with very simple ingredients: sourdough starter, bread flour, salt, water, yeast and malt.


Baguettes: AB in Five

The long fermentation process gives these baguettes a wonderful flavor and chewy texture.

Basic Savory Bread

Basic Savory Bread

This savory bread utilizes a sponge and can be made into a basic loaf or used as the basis for a number of other delicious breads.

Pumpkin Pie Brioche

Brioche - Pumpkin Pie

This festive brioche dough includes pumpkin and is made using the Healthy Bread in Five Minutes method.


Challah - 4-Strand

Recipe and instructions for making a three or four-strand braided Challah.

Shaping Challah

Making Braided Challah

Step-by-step instructions on how to shape several different types of Challah.

No Knead Challah

No Knead Challah

This no knead Challah recipe has been reworked from a traditional challah recipe to reduce the time spent baking.

Crusty Corn Stalk Rolls

Crusty Cornstalk Rolls

This bread resembles a cornstalk, where each roll, or ?ear of corn? is torn off the stalk and eaten as you would a roll.

Einkorn Bread Sponge

Einkorn Bread

Whole wheat bread made with Einkorn flour and an overnight sponge.

Einkorn Levain

Einkorn Levain

This bread is made with a levain of Einkorn flour and a mature sourdough culture.

Festive Breads

Festive Breads

Assortment of muffins, scones, bread pudding, cranberry breads, french toast recipes, harvest breads, holiday breads, pumpkin breads and rolls.

Fig and Almond Bread

Fig and Almond Loaf

The creator of this bread got the inspiration for his bread from the Royal Crown Bakery in Brooklyn, New York's fig and walnut batard-shaped loaf.

Five Grain Bread

Five Grain Bread with
Pâte Fermentée

As the name suggests, this multigrain bread utilizes an overnight Pâte Fermentée (pre-ferment).

French Bread

French Breads

For your bread baking enjoyment, we have recipes for making baguettes and round French Country Bread.

Garden Tomato Bread

Garden Tomato Bread

This tomato bread is made with homegrown tomatoes and fresh herbs. It also includes pumpkin and sunflower seeds.  Iit?s like eating a slice of garden.

Flax and Coconut Waffles

Gluten-Free Breads

Gluten free bread recipes for those who want an alternative to gluten breads. Most of the recipes are free of wheat, oats, barley, and rye. Some of the recipes are also lacto or milk-free.

Vanocka Christmas Braid

Holiday Breads

An assortment of Christmas breads such as Panettone, Challah, Stollen, Sweet Breads, Fruited Breads, pull-apart breads and other Holiday baking recipes.


Neapolitan Bread

A delicious bread made with an overnight biga. Submitted by a visitor from NY

Italian Breads

Italian Breads

The distinquishing characteristic of most Italian bread is not with the dough itself, but in the shaping, slashing and baking of the bread.

Kaiser Rolls

Kaiser Rolls

These rolls utilize a pâte fermentée to improve flavor, texture, and color. It also utilizes diastatic malt powder to improve coloring.

Oatmeal Maple Bread Rolls

No Knead Breads

No knead breads are yeast-risen loaves that are not kneaded; the dough is placed in the refrigerator overnight to develop the gluten.

Pain A l Ancienne Baguettes

Pain À L'Ancienne Baguettes

Pain À l'Ancienne Baguettes are made using the delayed fermentation method. You can also make pizza or Foccacia using this dough.

Pain Poilane Miche

Pain Poilâne

Poilâne Miche is a naturally fermented country bread created by Lionel Poilâne, a famous baker in Paris. He calls his bread a miche but it is referred to as Pain Poilâne by others.

Pizza Recipes

Pizza Recipes

There are numerous methods and techniques for making delicious pizza. Here are a variety of homemade pizza recipes to get you started.

Potato Rosemary Bread

Potato Breads

Potatoes lend moisture as well as flavor to breads which helps the keeping quality of breads.

Marbled Rye Bread

Rye Bread Recipes

When added to dough, rye makes the bread denser, moister, darker, and better-keeping than an all-wheat bread.

10 Percent Whole Wheat Saturday Bread

Saturday Bread

This 10 percent whole wheat bread can be made completely in one day.

Semolina Bread

Semolina Breads

Bread doughs made with Semolina are wonderful to work with.


Sesame Kamut Bread Rings

These Savory Sesame Bread Rings can be prepared and baked the same evening.

Sourdough Bread Recipes

Sourdough Breads

Sourdough bread isn't necessarily sour tasting. When mixed with other ingredients to form the dough, the sourdough flavor is tempered by the other flavors it brings out.

Spelt Bread

Spelt Breads

Spelt flour can be used as an exact substitute for whole wheat flour in baking recipes, although the flavor will be deeper and richer, and the texture will vary slightly.


Sundried Tomato &
Black Olive Bread

For a delicious treat, try this Sundried Tomato and Black Olive Beauty.

Tartine Whole Wheat Bread

Tartine Whole Wheat Bread

This bread is similar to Tartine Country Bread but uses a greater proportion of whole wheat flour to white all-purpose flour.


White Bread with an overnight poolish

Crusty White Bread

This white bread is made with an overnight poolish. It's simply divine.


Whole Wheat Bread Recipes

Whole Wheat Breads

Avariety of whole grain bread recipes that incorporate a portion or all whole wheat flour to provide added nutrition and flavor.



What is Your Favorite Artisan Bread Recipe?

Do you love to bake a special bread? Share your favorite recipe and we'll highlight it on the site for other home bakers to enjoy.

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