Bamboo-Bag Bread Bags

The Bread Experience is pleased to offer unique and versatile Bamboo-bag Bread bags. These bags are made in California from 100% retted bamboo fabric designed especially for carrying and storing bread. Bamboo-bags are made for people who want to use fewer paper and plastic bags — people who care about the environment and care about their bread.

Turtle Bamboo Bag

Choose one of these unique designs

These bags are made in California from imported materials and are machine washable & dryable.

The Loaf Pouch

bamboo loaf bag

Holds up to two ordinary one-pound loaves or one two-pound loaf. This bag is perfect for storing round or oval loaves.

You can also use this bag to store Challah bread. Or my favorite, the torpedo-shaped loaf. A tasty, torpedo-shaped Five Grain Bread is pictured below.

Dimensions: 11 inches long, 14 inches wide. Holds two one pound loaves or a challah bread. 100% bamboo fabric.


The Turtle Bag

The Turtle Bag has a wide mouth and pleated side and can accommodate a round or oval two-pound loaf. This bag is great for unique-sized artisan loaves. The Turtle Bag would make a beautiful cover for Challah on the Sabbath table.

It's also the perfect size for Healthy Bread in Five Minutes Rosemary Flax Baguettes. Each baguette is 1/2 pound so the bag easily holds four small baguettes.

Dimensions: 13.5 inches long, 13.5 inches wide at bottom. Opening: 30 inches in circumference. 100% bamboo fabric.


Baguette Quiver

Baguette Quiver

The Baguette Quiver can comfortably hold up to three long loaves. The top of the bag closes with a drawstring to keep the bread both safe during transit and fresh, outside the refrigerator, after the bread arrives home.

The Quiver is made to be worn with the long front strap diagonally across the chest so that the bearer's arms remain free for riding a bicycle, carrying other groceries, or handling a stroller.

Dimensions: 27 inches long, almost 16 inch opening. Holds up to three baguettes. 100% bamboo fabric.


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Bamboo Bread Bags


Bamboo Bread Bags


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