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What bread ingredients do you need to make your favorite breads?

You don't need to keep too many bread ingredients on hand, but it's a good idea to have the following items in your cupboard so you'll be ready when you get that urge to bake.

Bread Ingredients

Flour is the primary ingredient in bread. The type of flour used will determine the nature of the loaf.

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Leavening Agents aid in the bread raising process. There are several types: yeast, natural leavens and chemical leavens such as baking soda, baking powder and cream of tartar.

Liquids provide moisture to rehydrate and activate the yeast and bring together the flour and any other dry ingredients to make the dough.

Sweeteners provide food for the yeast and give character to the finished loaf.

Salt is an important ingredient in bread baking because it slows rising time and allows the flavor of the dough to develop.

Eggs add food value, color and flavor to breads. They also help make the crumb fine and the crust tender.

Fats and Oils are added to breads to improve flavor and provide a moist texture and rich taste.

Herbs and Spices can be used as the main ingredient in bread or to enhance other ingredients.

Nuts and seeds can also be added to breads to provide crunchiness as well as flavor.

Fruits and vegetables can be added to bread to enhance the flavor and create a moister texture.

What are your favorite bread ingredients?

Do you enjoy using special bread ingredients or a special technique? Please share the bread ingredients you use.

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