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Bread making to relieve stress
and rising food costs

Making your own bread can help reduce your food costs and relieve stress at the same time. The process of kneading and working the dough is both a thrill and therapy. Plus, homemade bread tastes so much better and is better for you than most bread you can buy in the store.


Bread Making



Nothing compares to the bread making experience...

The aroma of the fresh-baked loaves fills your entire house and arouses your senses.



The Bread Experience is about more than just baking wonderful bread. It's about the whole experience.

The process begins with the wheat growing in the field, then it's on to the mill where the wheat is ground into flour, and then the home baker uses the flour to make loaves of wonderful bread. The final and most important part of the journey is sharing the loaves with family and friends. Then, the process begins again to create the bread experience.



Learn something new & share your passion for making bread

There are so many different types of bread. Part of the enjoyment of bread making is trying different techniques and methods.

If you've mastered quick breads, but have never tried yeast bread, then now's the time to try something different.

Or, you might enjoy using a starter to make sourdough bread or making a delicious loaf of whole wheat bread.

Choose from a variety of bread recipes to get started on your bread-baking journey.



Bread-baking resources to get you started:

How to make bread - This section provides some basic instructions and links to helpful tips & resources on making bread.

How to make yeast bread - Learn the basic techniques to use when making yeast bread using the straight dough method.

Making no knead bread - No-knead breads are yeast-risen loaves that are not kneaded; the dough is placed in the refrigerator overnight to develop the gluten.

Bread Baking Tips - Helpful bread baking tips and techniques to assist you in the bread-making process.

Bread Baking Blog - Follow our step-by-step instructions and have some fun with us as we share our bread experiences in the bread experience blog.

Bread Baking Terms - A list of the most common bread baking terms.

Baking Measurements - Standard baking measurements and conversions used in bread making.






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