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Rye Bread Recipes

Rye originated in the region between Turkey and Afghanistan. It looks like an extra tall wheat plant, but it is from the genus Secale cereale.

It is a cool season crop and is hardier and easier to grow than wheat.  It is similar to wheat nutritionally, but breads made with rye are denser and darker and have better keeping quality than breads made with all wheat.

Hutzelbrot with Dried Fruit

Hutzelbrot with Dried Fruit


Rye can be used alone in a loaf or mixed with cornmeal, potato, white flour or whole wheat. Rye has a low gluten content so without the addition of wheat flour for body, rye makes a flat, crumbly, and coarse-grained loaf. Popular rye breads -- such as Jewish rye, pumpernickel, Swedish rye, Russian rye -- all contain some wheat flour.




Rye is high in B vitamins, expecially niacin. It contains iron, zinc, and magnesium as well as vitamin E, rutin, antioxidants, and insoluble fiber. It has a bitter-strong, earthy flavor with a pleasant aftertaste.

Rye does particularly well if leavened with sourdough because it breaks down the enzymes that create a sticky dough.

Enjoy one of these rye bread recipes

Sourdough Rye Culture

Sourdough Rye Culture - Learn how to develop a sourdough rye culture from an existing white flour sourdough starter.

Making a Rye Levain

Making a Rye Levain (sourdough) -Learn how to make a rye sourdough culture using only rye flour.

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Banana Rye Loaves - This Banana Rye Bread recipe makes two round hearth loaves. Save one for yourself and give the other away.

Black Bread

Black Bread -This is an interesting bread made with sourdough and old bread soaked in boiling water and coffee grounds.

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Classic Pumpernickel Bread - Molasses and a tiny bit of cocoa powder gives this bread its rich, dark color.

Country Pumpernickel Country Pumpernickel Bread - This Pumpernickel Bread, like many European loaves, includes a bit of whole grain flour for texture and flavor.
Country Rye Bread Country Rye Bread - This rye bread recipe makes a beautiful country rye hearth loaf to serve with cheeses and cold cuts or warm with butter.
Five Grain Rye Sourdough Five Grain Rye Sourdough - This Five Grain Sourdough Bread is made with a rye sourdough and a multigrain soaker which gives it a delicious whole-grain flavor.
Finnish Full Rye Bread Finnish Full Rye Bread- This is a beautiful bread from an original Finnish recipe. It is made with only rye flour.
German Sourdough Rye Bread

German Sourdough Rye Bread - Sourdough Rye made with a blend of rye and wheat flours and utilizing a long fermentation process.

Rye Bread Machine Bread Honey & Beer Rye Bread (Bread Machine) - This bread is made with a rye starter that sits for a few days in the bread machine.
 with Dried Fruit

Hutzelbrot with Dried Fruit -Hutzelbrot is a dense, freestanding bread served in Germany usually during Christmastime. It contains dried fruit, but no sugar.

Kontinenbrot Kontinentbrot - A heavy rye bread loaded with lot's of seeds and flavor.
Light Rye Sourdough Bread Light Rye Bread - This rye bread is made with a sourdough pre-ferment of medium rye flour, water and a mature sourdough starter.
Marbled Rye Bread Marbled Rye Loaves - These beautiful loaves are made with a combination of light and dark rye doughs.
Mustard Rye Bread Mustard Rye Sandwich Bread - This soft, moist rye sandwich bread has a hint of mustard, a hint of onion...
NY Deli Rye New York Deli Rye - This is a delicious rye bread recipe made with a rye sponge starter. The caraway seeds are optional.
Old-Style Pumpernickel Bread

Olde-Style Pumpernickel Bread - an old-style pumpernickel made with stale bread, rye berries, rye chops, rye meal and bread flour.


Old World Rye Bread Old World Rye Bread Pumpernickel Bread (Bread Machine) - This Old World Rye Bread is delicious served with cheeses or soups or just serve warm with butter for a special treat.
Raisin Rye Bread Raisin-Pecan Rye Bread - The subtle, earthy flavor of rye, the nuttiness of the pecans, and the sweetness of raisins combine ...
Raisin Rosemary Bread Raisin-Rosemary Rye Bread - The combination of rye flour, whole wheat flour, bread flour, and cornmeal give the bread a very good shape.
Russian Black Bread Russian Black Bread - Try this Russian Black Bread recipe for a beautiful and flavorful loaf of dark rye bread.
No image available Rye and Corn bread (bread machine) Joao (Portugal) - This rye bread recipe is from a reader who adapted the recipe from a very old handmade recipe.
Rye Batter Bread Rye Batter Bread - This Rye Batter Bread requires no kneading. Just mix the ingredients, then turn the batter into a loaf pan to rise and bake.




No image available Rye Bread (Bread Machine) - A simple, relatively sweet rye bread recipe you can make in your bread machine or prepare in your mixer or food processor or by hand.
No image available Rye Bread Bowl - Here's a wonderful appetizer, a hearty loaf of pumpernickel bread hollowed out to become a bowl for the spread you eat it with.
Rye Bread with Beer Rye Bread with Beer (Jeff in New Bern, US) - Recipe for rye bread with beer from a reader in the U.S.
Rye Fennel 
 Molasses Cranberry Bread

Rye Fennel Molasses Cranberry Bread -This Rye Fennel Molasses Cranberry Bread is not too sweet, with just a hint of fennel flavor.

Seeded Rye Loaf

Seeded Rye Loaf - This Seeded Rye Loaf has tangy undertones due to the rye levain. The seeds in the dough and on the crust provide a unique texture and flavor.

No image available Sourdough Pumpernickel - This bread, made without the help of commercial yeast, is a great accompaniment to Borscht or any other hearty soup.
66 Percent Sourdough Rye 66 Percent Sourdough Rye Bread - As the name suggests, this Sourdough Rye Bread is made with 66 percent rye flour.
Sourdough Rye and Rice Bread

Sourdough Rye and Rice Bread -This is a wheatless bread made with a rye sourdough and rye and rice flours.

Sourdough Rye with Raisins and Walnuts Sourdough Rye with Raisins and Walnuts - This Sourdough Rye with Raisins and Walnuts is very light in texture. The raisins and walnuts give it a wonderful flavor.
Sprouted Rye and Spelt Bread Sprouted Rye and Spelt Bread - A wholesome and tasty bread made with sprouted rye berries, rye flour and all-purpose spelt flour.
Swedish Rye Bread Swedish Rye Bread with Sprouted Wheat Flour - Swedish Rye Bread is flavored with honey, grated orange peel, anise seeds, and caraway seeds.
Whole Wheat and Rye Sourdough Whole Wheat and Rye Sourdough - The whole wheat flour enhances the flavor of this bread and when it’s combined with the rye sourdough, provides good moisture retention as well as good keeping quality.



Tips for working with sticky rye breads

  • In the early stages of kneading the dough, use a dough scraper or blade, or the side of a metal spatula to work and knead the dough.

  • In the later stages of kneading, use sprinkles of rye or white flour between your hands and the dough and work surface.

  • If using a mixer, use sprinkles of flour with the dough hook to keep the dough from sticking to the sides of the bowl.



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