Sourdough Tapioca Bread


Today, my featured guest blogger is Sissy from the blog Eat Bread with Me. I met Sissy a couple of months ago at the Masters Bread-Baking Class at the Asheville Bread Festival.  During the masters’ class, we learned more about bread-baking through hands-on demonstrations, but we also had the opportunity to network with other bakers around the country. I wanted to showcase Sissy’s bread because

Milling Grains for Bread – Interview with Ron Nehrig: Part 2

Grain to Bread, the Staff of Life
Khorasan Wheat, Spelt Wheat, Oats, Rye, and Hard White Spring Wheat.

This is part two of my interview with Ron Nehrig.  In part one, we learned about growing wheat and other grains.  If you missed the first part of the interview, go here to read it first.  This is truly a local farm-to-table story and you don’t want to miss anything.   Interview with Ron Nehrig -Part 2: Milling Grains for Bread Part two focuses on

Growing Good Bread- Interview with Ron Nehrig: Part 1


If you ever have the opportunity to enjoy a loaf made with freshly-ground flour, you’ll know the meaning of good bread. The experience is quite satisfying especially when you mill the flour yourself. Ron Nehrig takes that satisfaction up a notch by growing his own wheat and milling it into flour to make bread. I met Ron a couple of years ago through the Artisan

The Power of Bread #BreadBakingBabes


The bread of the month for the Bread Baking Babes is “Power Bread.” I titled my post the power of bread because I experienced some unexpected events this past weekend while preparing this loaf and it reminded me that the best laid plans are just that – plans. Speaking of planning, it takes three days to make this loaf from start-to-finish due to the pre-soaker,

Weeknight Semolina Bread and Cloche


A few weeks ago, I received a charming ceramic bread cloche from Emerson Creek Pottery.  This bread baker is made of unglazed, lead-free clay and handcrafted in the USA. I’ve tested it on several different types of loaves made with various types of flour. This Semolina Loaf is one of my favorites because it can be made completely on a weeknight after work. I enjoy