On the Road to the 2015 Kneading Conference in Maine


It’s been a month since I attended the 2015 Kneading Conference in Maine, but the memories are still swirling around in my head.  It was a great experience in more ways than one. I decided to drive to Maine rather than fly so that my youngest son could go with me. He was the navigator.  Along the way, we met neat people and learned new

Red Fife Wheat Flavoured Bread and the Trappist Monk

Red Fife Loaf

Once there was a little Trappist Monk who was asked to learn the art of baking bread from the Abbey Baker. Twice a week he would bake the white and brown loaves for the monks. The years passed and Brother kept baking bread. The weekly round was a time for him to be alone and watch God’s Miracle of rising bread. Then a time came

Sprouted Wheat Bread Review — Columbia County Bread and Granola


I’ve been experimenting with sprouted wheat for a number of years.  So when I met Douglas Michael, founder of Columbia Country Bread and Granola, at the Maine Artisan Bread Fair earlier this month, his breads caught my attention. They are made completely with sprouted grains, leavened with natural leaven and include no flour. Although I’ve made loaves with sprouted wheat and no added flour, all

Of Sourdough and Ancient Grains and a Featured Baker


I’m captivated with ancient grains so whenever I learn about other bakers adding these grains to their repertoire, it motivates me to experiment more. A few months ago, as I was scrolling through the feed of the Artisan Bread Bakers group on FB, I started seeing photos of breads being converted to Einkorn, Spelt and other ancient grains and leavened with sourdough. I liked all

L’Otto di Merano | Italian Einkorn Rye Bread #BreadBakingBabes

Einkorn-LOtto-di-Merano -1-3

L’Otto di Merano, which means Eight from Merano, is an Italian Bread made with a bit of rye and barley malt.  It is traditionally shaped into two balls which are connected at the center to look like a figure eight. As you’ll notice, my version is not shaped like a figure eight. I shaped it into two balls, but instead of baking it free-form on a