Try Stoneware Baking to Make Artisan Breads at home

If you want to bake crispy artisan loaves in your home oven, try using a stoneware baker. Stoneware bread bakers simulate a brick oven to give you professional bread baking results at home.

Light Rye Bread in La Cloche Baker

There are a number of stoneware bread bakers on the market that make it easy for home bakers to make beautiful and delicious loaves in their home oven. Here are some of our favorites.

Superstone® La Cloche

The Superstone® La Cloche stoneware baking dish is reminiscent of the ancient cooking methods used in Greece and Rome. This bread baker is a bread-lovers dream as it duplicates a professional brick-lined oven, creating a light crumb and crusty exterior. No need to soak it. Bakes round or oval loaves.

La Cloche

Breads baked in the La Cloche baker:

Sourdough BreadClassic Sourdough Bread (Baked in La Cloche)

This sourdough bread is made using the method outlined in Classic Sourdoughs.

Light Rye Sourdough BreadLight Rye Bread

This rye bread is made with a sourdough pre-ferment of medium rye flour, water and a mature sourdough starter.


Tuscan BreadTuscan Bread (Pane Toscano)

The legend goes that Italians created this bread without salt because of the high tariffs on salt generations ago.



Superstone® Bread Dome

The Superstone® Bread Dome is an amazing product for baking breads. The stoneware material replicates the material used for centuries by fine professional cooks as well as in homes throughout the world. The domed shape allows air to evenly-circulate around the baker for a uniformly browned crust on your bread and the unglazed lid helps create the perfect environment for baking crackly breads.

Bread Dome

Breads baked in the Bread Dome

Coconut Chocolate BreadCoconut Chocolate Bread

This No-Knead Coconut Chocolate Bread is similar to the coconut-chocolate combo in Mounds bars. It melts in your mouth!

Shepherd's Bread in PotShepherd’s Bread

Shepherd’s Bread is a simple loaf that can be baked in a clay baker, a cast iron Dutch oven, or even freeform on a baking stone.

No Knead Sourdough Bread in PotSourdough Bread in Pot

This bread is made using a very scientific, yet uncomplicated approach to making sourdough bread.


Superstone® Covered Baker

Superstone® Covered Baker The Superstone® Baker produces a traditional Italian loaf of bread with a very crispy crust. The Covered Baker is also terrific for fish, roasts and chicken.

Covered Baker

Try one of these Bread Bakers

Try one of these stoneware bakers for yourself. You’ll enjoy the beautiful crusty breads you can make with these bakers. Click on the image below to view the bread bakers in the Baking Store.

Stoneware Bakers in the Baking Store

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